18th June 2018 - RAMSAR and Appropriate Assessment Submission - the SSSI part of Coul lies within the Dornoch & Loch Fleet Ramsar site. Ramsar is an International Treaty that the UK is a signatory to. The law requires an 'Appropriate Assessment' for the development and this has not been conducted. Read more in our submission to the planning committee.

Coul Links Golf Course plans to excavate and develop over 800 acres of dunes, wetland and SSSI land

 Stop Coul Links Golf Course


Save our SSSI​​

Loch Fleet was designated an area of Special Scientific Interest in 1984

This web site provides a range of information to help you make up your own mind about this proposed development and its impact on our environment. We hope that you will join us in campaigning against the irreversible destruction of this beautiful dune wilderness. Look at our evidence against development, our publicity and how to make your objection.

Coul Links & Embo beach facing north from non-SSSI tallest foredune with kidney vetch in foreground


Help prevent an environmental disaster in Scotland

The developers have hired multi billion dollar global businesses to push through planning

NOT COUL is a group of local Dornoch and Embo residents desperately trying to STOP a huge golf course development  being built by American developers on one of Scotland's most eco diverse sites at COUL LINKS. 

This SSSI site includes legally protected dunes, rare habitats and wildlife.


Not Coul Facebook Group

NOTE:  Further Environmental Information has been submitted to plug holes in the golf hydrological assessment. New objections can now be made and older ones can be updated. The closing date is currently 25th May 2018

Winning Well - click the graph to see the overwhelming rejection of the proposed development

Six major wildlife and conservation charities are appalled by, and fighting, this proposal You can read the RSPB case file below or sign either or both of the petitions which have over 10000 signatures so far. 

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