June 22, 2024

A solution for all your logistic issues

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Wahana ekspedisi

If a service provider gives the option of transporting goods through air and road means, it becomes a boom for the person to grab it. No one can deny that these providers make the delivery super easy and fast to reach the destination.

How does Ekspedisi Sentral Cargo play a major role?

These are the best shipping services provided in the region of Indonesia, especially at a low cost.

Wahana ekspedisi

There are two services offered under this one umbrella. The first one is Deliveree, which every customer loves because of its availability of affordable trucks and the perfect pricing structure fixed by the company. And the second service offered by this company is Sentral Cargo terdekat which provides high-quality shipments of their products from airways. Thus they capture most of the market by providing such great services to the customers at a very affordable cost.

List of trucks available for shipment purposes:

There are various trucks available for the shipment. Some of them are:

  • The first one on the list is the Trenton Box with a capacity of 15,000 kg along with three options available as per the size.
  • The second one is Heavy Fuso with 8000 kg capacity to hold the logistic.
  • The third one is a little smaller, i.e., Light Fuso, with a capacity of 5,000 kg.
  • Forth one is Double Engkel, with the capacity of 4,000 kg f shipment for the logistics.
  • Then, there are options available like Engkel Box, Small Box, Pickups, Vans, and Economic, depending on the need of a person and the product that needs to be delivered.

In case of a need, a person can search for the nearest Sentral Cargo terdekat available to fulfill the purpose. The person needs to get the main page of their website, and from there, they can check the price chart along with the truck’s availability or route for the logistic shipment. A person also can call or visit the nearest agent officer available by the company itself. Just one thing should be kept in mind before making the proper judgment, i.e., at least 24 hours must be given to the service providers to complete their task.

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