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​​Coul Links Economic Impact Report

This report was commissioned by NotCoul to provide an indicative economic impact assessment of the proposed Coul Links development.

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Information on why the proposed golf development is so damaging

Last updated: 04-01-2018

The Place with the Sinky Sand
My parents used to take me by the hand
As we walked through the place with the sinky sand
To the dunes with the birds and all other creatures
It’s a place of importance beyond designated features

But now that I hear there are plans in store
I worry that this place will be no more
For the nature and people who really do feel
That a place like this is not one to steal

I appreciate those who want to play a game
But there are many others who don’t feel the same
Because once a wild place is no longer wild
It has been taken away from every child
They in the end all have the right to see
The Highlands and Coul Links as they should be

Promises are made of future careers
But for me that has no value and only fears
A manicured stamp will be made on the land
Why we need another I can’t understand
For there are plenty of courses for the players to play
I ask who in the end will get most of the pay

And so as I think of this special place
It seems to have become a bit of a race
To place your objection if you agree
That somewhere like this should remain totally free


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A very poor environmental statement

NotCoul has produced detailed evidence that shows numerous problems with the environmental statement that supports the planning application.

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