April 24, 2024

How To Analyze the Compounds in Solution?

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The rise of modern technology has turned everything on its head. The AAS (Atomic Absorption Spectrometry) is a simple and low-cost technology that is mostly used for identifying and evaluating chemicals present in solutions. Beverages, pharmaceuticals, and food corporations have all used this technology. Many people still have questions about what is atomic absorption spectroscopy and how it works. It operates as the best detector in both solid and liquid environments. In this procedure, the wavelength that reflects from electromagnetic radiations got by the light source is used.

How Does It Work?

What is atomic absorption spectroscopy

  • It operates by dissociating the ground state existing atoms using a heat source to create a steady-state.
  • The second stage is to use the flame to skip light of a specified wavelength. It represents the amount of energy necessary to stimulate an electron from its unique type’s ground state.
  • After absorbing the atoms that move the excited state, the amount of light is measured. The element’s concentration is calculated using the measured absorbance. It operates based on calibration.

There are various types of atomizers are available like flame, glow discharge, hydride, electrothermal, and cold vapor atomizers. The main positive factors related to this are that it is relatively inexpensive and it is easy to access. While still, it offers higher throughput and is used in a wider range of applications.

Does the AAS can be automated?

You can automate the procedure when you want to measure the samples that are collected. It helps for reducing the effort that supports speeding up the manual efforts that are required for speeding up the analysis process. You can also add the auto samples that automate the standards and samples. The additional accessory helps for eliminating the manual preparation and this is done by preparing the standard to form a single stock solution.

The AAS preparation process is easy and quick. The samples could be brought into the solution by using the three common methods like acid attack, dissolution insolvent, and Alkali fusion that is followed by acid attack. The determination of the metals makes use of the graphite furnace and the chemical modifier is used for stabilizing volatilize or analytic. This process is used for reducing the background chemical interference or signals that are present.

This technology makes all the analysis process change easier. After knowing what is atomic absorption spectroscopy, lets you use it. The positive factors of AAS are below:

  • This is popular as the greatest method used for producing accurate results for light measurement.
  • You can use AAS for measuring and detecting sensitive methods.
  • The cost that you are going to invest in this will be lower since it offers less argon.
  • Easy for accessing and it holds high precision rates.
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