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International Otter Survival Fund Objection
Buglife Scotland Objection


The Scottish Government called-in the planning application on 24th August 2018, after a determined campaign by opposition groups. A public examination will now take place. Details are below.


THE PUBLIC EXAMINATION PROCESS  (as at 14 September 2018)

* The papers have been passed by Ministers to the Planning     and Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA), who are in Falkirk.

* A case officer has been appointed and two Reporters have been assigned. Web pages covering the case are already available, populated with case documents (>200 already).

* The DPEA officials will write out to everyone who objected and ask them if they want to take part in the Public Examination of the application.

* Once people have responded, the Reporters will then look at the material already available and make a preliminary judgement about which aspects needs an Inquiry Session (this involves cross-examination), a Hearing Session or Written Submissions.

* They will then convene a pre-examination meeting locally and will hear what people have to say about the initial choices.

* Once that’s over, a decision is made on an inquiry timetable - typically a few weeks out from a pre-exam meeting.

* The Examination starts on an appointed date and carries on until finished. A week or two at most.

* The Reporters write up the evidence and send their report with a recommendation to Scottish Ministers, who will then determine it in their own time.


* Papers have handed over to DPEA by Highland Council. A website for the case is already available >>

* A month for Reporters to digest (September)

* Letters to go out and replies to be received within a month (end of October)

* Secondary Digestion (by now its November)

* Pre-inquiry meeting in December, locally

* Statements of Case to be received 4 weeks later (mid-January)

* Documents and Precognitions 4 weeks after that (mid-February)

* Inquiry starting in March 2019 or so.

* The time to be taken for the report to be written and then considered by Ministers is unknown.

* Decision date is unknown – late 2019 might be a very hazy guess.

IUCN WCPA Objection
RSPB Scotland Objection
National Trust for Scotland Objection


The course claims a design which respects the dune landforms and avoids juniper and dune wetland. The opposite is found at the 16th hole. More than half of all juniper bushes at Coul are on the southern fairway. The wetland under both 16th fairways will be destroyed by burial. The extensive hummocky dunes will be bulldozed to make a playing surface of very different shape and scale.  This was just the first hole that Not Coul looked at in any detail. Above the area in autumn when dry and left the area flooded in winter.

Scottish Wildlife Trust Objection
Plantlife Objection


Rare dune juniper in the foreground. Flooded dune slack habitat in photo centre.


Butterfly Conservation - Briefing

The following organisations have all submitted objections, click the logos to read PDFs

Scottish Natural Heritage Objection
Tain & District Field Club
Ramblers Scotland Objection