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Haspell Misinformation on Coul Links

See below for fact-checks posted before Christmas 2017 on by Chris Haspell, the Project Manager of the proposed golf course at Coul Links. The planning application has been made by Coul Links Ltd. The Coul development is sited mainly within Loch Fleet SSSI and the Dornoch Firth and Loch Fleet SPA/Ramsar sites, on land of outstanding nature conservation interest. Mr Haspell’s assertions, in the form of a website page, claim to show that the much-viewed Not Coul campaign video (available at is sensationalist and inaccurate. The video was made to show that a golf course installed in dunes at Coul would destroy a wilderness full of rare habitats and species.

Last updated: 09-01-2018


Not Coul will not tolerate misrepresentation of its campaign materials and its personnel. Our whole approach to resisting this development is evidence-based, using the skills of experienced professional ecologists, economists and business people. Also, if we find we have made mistakes we will admit them and apologise.

 We identify misrepresentation and misinformation on websites and newspapers here, exposing them by an evidence-based rebuttal process. If you agree with the Not Coul rebuttals, please post that on the Not Coul Facebook page, naming the perpetrator there. You might also like to contact the perpetrator yourself to ask why they are using misinformation in presenting their case. Use their website details for doing that.