June 22, 2024

When is cargo control necessary?

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Tracking Features

The need to track goods is determined based on the type and specifics of the shipment. For individual jasa pengiriman kargo transportation, there are enough devices that carry out video monitoring. However, the delivery of valuables requires the installation of volume and shock sensors.

In case of violation of the conditions of transportation, the logistics company receives a signal from the tracker and the carrier takes the necessary measures. The company allows customers to track the location of goods in real-time. This allows you to find out where the shipment is located and the estimated delivery date.

The product itself, whether it is a container, oversized or dangerous cargo, is not particularly difficult during transportation or handling operations. However, the problems that arise during the transportation of goods require appropriate qualifications, experience and knowledge in the field of forwarding. When it comes to transporting hundreds of tons of valuable cargo, dozens of variables must be taken into account – from the search for a wagon to station work, from the development of lashing schemes to customs clearance, and from cargo protection to the provision of financial guarantees.

Each director of the company, regardless of size, a form of ownership, or field of activity, tries to extract the maximum profit and achieve the most effective results. Transportation of goods with a volume of even several tens of tons is not cheap. When the question arises of minimizing the cost of transportation by 5-10%, we are talking about

The range of services provided by the company includes:

  • Carrying out cargo shipments and loading and unloading operations throughout the country with the departure of a specialist to the departure station;
  • Calculation, minimization and payment of tariff rates for transit and six internal railway codes;
  • The container transportation and international transportation of goods in the territories;
  • Transportation of dangerous, oversized, excisable goods;
  • Assistance in the supply of wagons for loading the customer;
  • Registration of transportation documents and legal support;
  • Organization of multimodal transportation (railway, sea, auto).
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